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Website design & development, web management, photography, Darwin NT Australia

The smell of
a new website is like freshly baked pastries.


There's a website fit for everyone - whether you are looking to start up a cafe, restaurant or a company that needs an updated online profile.


Current available slots:

September: gone!
October: 1 slot
November: 2 slots



Squarespace circle member

We’re very acquainted with Squarespace’s innards and built over 40 Squarespace websites to date, so we know how it can work best for you.

We will curate a minimalist site for you that looks good and has behind-the-scenes functioning bones that may help your business processes. Your future site will be malleable and easily expandable too.


2 weeks  |  Starting at AUD 2,000

The Stylo

A little website for your innovative start up, small business or side hustle-into-a-full-time-jam painted with the quirky or corporate online attention that it needs.

Basic, but #onfleek.

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  • Custom design mobile-responsive Squarespace website
  • 5 single pages or in a stacked one-page format
  • Content must be provided
  • 2 add on functionalities
  • Training to use site

2 - 3 weeks  |  Starting at AUD 3,200

The Atas

A substantial website for a company or a cause that requires more pages to showcase the large range information available to your audience. 

Ideal for small to medium corporate businesses needing a simple yet updated website, or companies with secondary or tertiary offerings. We've also found that this package is great for non-for-profits that have a lot to share!

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  • Custom design mobile-responsive Squarespace website
  • 12 pages
  • Coming soon landing page
  • As many add on functionalities
  • Training to use site
  • Bonus:
    Free 2 hour post project support



Shopify for the win

Setting up an e-Commerce store is more than just having a method of payment for your goods online - it’s also the process from when your customers buy, you receiving the order and then sending the goods on their merry way. 

Shopify is arguably the most cost-effective way to maintain you eCommerce with ease and is expandable to manage anywhere between 20 to thousands of products. 


8 - 10 weeks  |  Starting at AUD 7,000

The Shop

A fully fledged online store with the works - Shopify boasts cross-platform selling reach and it all consolidates all orders into one well-thought system. Shopify could also work as your all in one POS system and inventory tracker.

If you're ever-so-lucky to reside in Darwin you can also hire us to photograph your products to create a seamless style of pictures across your site. 

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  • Consultation, content and projuct strategy meeting
  • Mobile-responsive Shopify website
  • Up to 2 payment gateway integrations
  • Installation of up to 50 products (additional products can be loaded at an hourly rate)
  • Training to manage the system
  • Bonus:
    3 hours post project support

Questions, answered


What types of clients do you work with?

All sorts! Regular jellybeans or Dumbledore's kind of jellybeans, we'd love to hear where you hail from and work together to create a beautiful site.

None of your packages suit me, could you quote me on something custom?

Fo'sure! Just send us a message and we can have a chat about a custom quote.

I have a half baked Squarespace website and I want it to get to that finish line, can you help?

Heck yeah, send us a message of what you're stuck with and we can quote how many hours we'll need to fix it up. In these cases you'll be charged at our hourly rate.

Can you help me with my website that's on another platform?

Squarespace or Shopify only, sorry! There's tonnes of other professionals that specialise in your platform, get in touch with them because we're sure they'd love it!

Why are your prices as so?

Our secret is that we save time on projects by building upon templates, streamline our processes and keeping it simple. Time saved on the project is extra cash that stays in your wallet or better invested elsewhere in your business.

How much time will it take me?

The biggest part of the project which you'll be most involved with is the content, which we dive into head first at the start of the project. Writing content and collating photos with (or without) our help can take anywhere from a day to a week.

We'll be in touch heaps too - mainly on the phone or via email.

What dates should I book the project for?

Book us for a timeframe where you can give your undivided attention, and we will do likewise! If you're hiring other folks for photography or other services, it's best to book us after you receive the final goods.

Of course this all boils down to schedules, and we’re happy to reschedule the project to the next available slot.

What about getting domains?

If you have an existing domain we can update the details so it shows your new website. We’re also happy to help you purchase any available domains at AUD 45.

What’s the payment schedule like?

For Squarespace sites you’ll be invoiced for 50% of the project costs upfront, thus confirming your booking. The remaining 50% is due when the site officially goes live.

For an online store, the upfront payment is 30% of the project costs and then the rest will be split into smaller payments.

What does post project support entail?

Once your site has gone live your project will move into our support phase. Here, any changes of a design, technical or content nature will be automatically deducted. Once the hours are up you can purchase additional hours sold in 5 hour packs.

What's the annual hosting costs like?

Last we checked for Squarespace it's AUD 300 and Shopify basic plan goes for USD 348, not including costs for add on Shopify widgets/apps.


Still got questions?
Ask us!