Top End Group Training Pty Ltd (GTNT)


Top End Group Training Pty Ltd (GTNT) is the largest employer of apprentices and trainees in the Northern Territory and we were thrilled to work with local legends Bree Designs and Brainium Labs to breathe life into this project.


Drupal as a content management system 01

The amazing Brainium Labs did what they do best and built the site on Drupal, which allows for in-depth functionality and future integrations into various essential GTNT systems. Some of the essential functions in the back-end:

  1. In-built content layouts, with flexible organisation

  2. File management system

  3. Vacancies listing with custom fields that feeds into custom webforms.


Minimalist design 01

The re-brand gave us a suite of new colours to play with, and Bree made up a bunch of beautiful icons that we all love. Read more about Bree’s bit of the project here


Content. Just, content. 03

Ah, lots and lots of content. It was great to dive head first into glorious content and give each morsel of content it’s unique user experience and home on the website.

Content and design works hand in hand for a successful user journey experience.

We split the content into two main focus groups: employers and apprentices - then we categorised everything and sub categorised and maybe threw in a micro-category or two! Needless to say, the project had us in content layout heaven :D